Luxury Fragrances Born in Paris

Beatus is a brand 7 years in the making. The original founder, Gabriel Reboh, created the product line after spending several years in France, the world’s cosmetic capital.

The brand was then introduced to Mr. Billy Busch, who was considering launching a fragrance brand of his own alongside his family.

“The perfume business is very similar to the beer business so we always felt this is a natural extension and a thread that ties what we do together. We had been offered several opportunities to do something in this space because of our TV show, but were most excited about Beatus.”

- Mr. Billy Busch

Mr. Busch brings decades of world-class production experience acquired through his involvement in the family’s American beer empire. 

This brand was created in accordance with the Busch families dedication to quality.

“If you want to ruin a business, be respectful. Fashion is not about respect. It's about fashion.”

Fashion is not a matter of respecting established rules as Karl Lagerfeld liked to say: creativity comes first. Gabriel Reboh, Artistic Director of Beatus®, has always applied this maxim.

Gabriel is born into a family of artists and beauty experts. He launched his first salon in Montreal, and then expanded in Miami's Bal Harbor Shops and in LA's Melrose Avenue.

As an experienced artistic advisor and hair stylist, celebrities like Sharon Stone, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez (to name a few) trusted Gabriel with their look and their fashion style.

Today, the Busch Family and Gabriel venture into the universe of perfumes & high-end fragrances. They developed and personally selected six fragrances from the world's most premium perfume ingredients in partnership with world-class fragrance creator and perfumery Symrise.

The flagship collection features 6 elegant fragrances that are inspired by nature, three for women and three for men. The perfumes have a rich history and are inspired by years of travel across France and meetings with the world's most reknown juice creators and visionary fashion designers.

Design is only half of the equation. Beatus relied on the expertise of top scientists and fragrance creators such as Dr. Jean-François Rumigny. As a Neurobiologist and specialist in natural health products, Dr. Rumigny has been part of the development since inception.

Where are We

Our office is located in Paris IX, 6 Boulevard des Capucines.